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Published: 09th June 2011
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Ask yourself what you need a wireless router for? You surely want to select an N router. Wireless N routers offer much superior coverage and throughput speed than G routers and they are now affordable. The last thing you would like to occur is to lose the signal going from one room to another. The further things to analyze are your budget, use, and features you demand because different routers are made for different target audiences. The one thing to understand is that you get what you pay for. Two routers can have identical specifications but one could contain inferior parts.  So like for like, considering warranties, availability, reliability, and quality, the "best wireless router for home" use will by no means be the cheapest nor the most expensive. We therefore will compare the fundamental aspects of performance in speed, reception distance, and consumer satisfaction. The latter being the best measure for determining whether the router chosen is genuinely the "best wireless router for home" use.

Why is a Wireless N Router the best? This list focuses on the top manufactures of wireless N routers for home use. Everyone wants plenty of speed and you surely don't want your router to be the constrictive factor. N routers are known for the distance they can handle and their speed. Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, and Belkin are all manufactures that virtually people have access to through their local electronics store. A better way to access these units is of course on the internet assuming you are either upgrading your present wireless router or simply wanting to eliminate the cable that anchors you to a particular room. With all things considered equivalent, speed, distance, price and guarantee, what is it that makes a router the best wireless router for home? The answer is firmware, the internal software that determines the operation of the router and how easy it may be to hook it up for a new user. This could either provoke a major headache or be as effortless as just plugging the router in. Manufactures have ascertained the importance of being very user friendly. So how do you determine the proper router? Simply by examining the user reviews.

Wireless N routers have become more low-priced now than in the past. The N Wireless Router has the quickest speeds for handling applications that take up vast amounts of your bandwidth and throughput with zero reduction in range. If you stream HD, do on-line gaming, or download enormously large files, buying a wireless N router is highly recommended to take full benefit of your high speed broadband connection. Here are the four most popular manufacturer's of the best wireless N routers for home use based on performance, simplicity of setup, stability, and value. Netgear high performance technology includes the intuitive browser GUI-based setup, ease of use, and reliability. Cisco Linksys frequently mentions the word 'maximum' to describe both speed and range to stand above the competition. D-Link for most home networks, is just about the perfect wireless N router. Its performance is more than adequate for streaming HD content or playing games. Belkin N Wireless Router is perfect for setting up a wireless network that has the range to effortlessly cover any-size home. After comparing the user's most helpful favorable and critical reviews, you'll be able to pick the best wireless router for home use for you.

As an added note, ASUS now has an EZ UI (easy user interface) router series that first time buyers should really give serious consideration. Everything considered, a "hassle-free way to install and manage wireless home networks" is deserving even more if you have ever run into a dead end with an install and can't figure out what to do. Whether you want a print server, BitTorrent hub, FTP storage, or ultra-fast Wireless N router, the Asus RT-N56U adapts to your networking needs as a cross-functional network device. Check out the user comments, a 20:1 approval rate looks like this can be a unit for you to check into for use.

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